Design & consultation

We will work with you to design a plantscape for that new patio, a solution for the corner of the back yard that never dries out, or any other idea that you might have. We will help you brainstorm a fresh renovation for the front entrance or how to continue vegetable gardening without bending over.

Natural Turf Care

We feel that homeowners deserve to have the option of an attractive, sustainable lawn without the real dangers posed by synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We will determine your soil’s needs through independent lab testing and then feed the soil by following the recommendations given from the custom report as well as keeping within the state and federal laws that protect our environment.

Fruit tree pruning

We start as early as the last week in February and continue until the buds break in April. Beginning to prune so early in the season allows us to encourage proper and healthy new growth of the trees while they are still dormant to give the tree a more natural growth cycle.

As soon as the snow has gone and the ground has thawed, we will begin to pick up branches and debris, rake up any dead grass or plants and do lawn over-seeding for thinning or bare spots of your yard.

Spring Yard Cleanup

We will edge, weed, fertilize per soil test results, prune, and mulch as needed. At that time, we will also assess soil and plant health and make recommendations (such as soil amendments and perennial division) that we feel will benefit the overall health of your landscape.

Spring garden cleanup

Seasonal planting

Summer annuals, bulbs in garden beds for bloom throughout the season, decorative containers of annuals or herbs, and vegetables are all planted according to season.

We offer a flexible schedule balance between how often maintenance seems warranted for your landscape and what is affordable for your individual budget. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly maintenance.

Summer maintenance

You can choose the level of assistance you need from us to get the vegetable harvest that you want. We have greenhouse facilities, and each season from late March to early June, we grow specially requested varieties of vegetables and cut flowers for use in client gardens as well as our own display gardens. We recommend the use of our timber frame hemlock raised beds for low-maintenance and high-yield harvests.

Vegetable gardening

We will rake leaves to be composted on the property or removed to prepare your lawn for the cold winter of New England.

Fall yard cleanup

This cleanup can either be detailed (completely cut-back) or not (leaving grasses and native annual/perennial see-heads for viewing or wildlife). This is an important time to make sure that the garden is well weeded. We also use this time to assess the soil and plant health.

Fall Garden Cleanup

Snow-covers, deer protection (burlap), anti-desiccation treatment to prevent moisture loss from the plants that keep their leaves during the winter and more.

Winter plant protection

We offer a consultation that will help you determine your composting goals and then assist you to integrate your preferences and tolerances into your lifestyle and home space/yard space, as well as your budget, and create a workable system.

Integrated composting

We help homeowners prepare their landscape fr the real estate market. We work with home or business owners one-on-one to provide curb appeal. It’s a Feng Shui approach for your landscape t get potential buyers to walk over your threshold. We “see” your landscape through different eyes and we are able to recommend usually very simple changes or additions that will add color, warmth, and give an overall well-cared for appearance, adding value for a minimal investment.

Landscape staging